Natural Way To Clean Clogged Drains – Tidy Tuesday

Drain cleanEverybody ends up with a clogged drain now and again.  We try all the tricks to keep hair and gunk out of the bathtub drain, but sometimes it just happens.  This week the tub just was not draining like it should.  We plunged it and it drained eventually, but not like it should.  It was time to get out the drain cleaner.

Well, I simply can’t abide by using that harsh chemical cleaner on our drains.  I don’t want it in the house with my family and I don’t want it in the ground water.   It was time to figure out a quick and natural solution to the slow drain.

Enter the classic elementary school experiment.  Remember baking soda and vinegar?  That’s exactly what I used.

I took about 1 cup of baking soda and poured it down the drain.  (If you have any standing water you would probably want to get rid of as much as you could.)

Then, I took a bottle of white vinegar and started slowly pouring it down the drain.  The concoction bubbled up just like any of those foaming drain cleaners, but unlike those chemical cleaners, the vinegar smell is not toxic.

Before my “volcano” quit bubbling, I took a sponge and covered the opening, then set a plastic bucket on top of the sponge just to weigh it down and trap more of the concoction as it bubbles up.

I let this sit for 1 hour, after which I poured a large pot full of boiling hot water down the drain.  The tub did drain better, but I repeated this process just because it was easy, inexpensive, and it smelled good.

My challenge for you is to think about a natural solution before you buy a chemical product to treat a mess in the house.  Not only is a natural cleaning product safer for the environment, but you don’t have to exile your family, pets, and possibly your plants, from the house just to clean the drain.

p.s.  Thinking of getting your house all fresh and shiny again?  You’ll want some Spring Cleaning Tips For Mom to get you on the right track!

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4 Responses to “Natural Way To Clean Clogged Drains – Tidy Tuesday”

  1. Christine Says:

    I’m not sure if it makes a big difference, but my mom had a “recipe” for cleaning drains, and it said to use equal parts of baking soda and salt rather than just baking soda. I believe that the salt acts as an abrasive.

  2. Hillbilly Housewife Says:

    The salt makes sense, Christine. I’ll give it a try. Thank you.

  3. New York Mold inspections Says:

    The drains are clogged with materials as you keep dumping them and there is a need to clean them from the inside,there are particulars which choke the drain which have to taken out of the pipes.

  4. Elyse Boho Says:

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