Too Many Dishes – Tidy Tuesday

Dishes in CabinetWe have a problem in our kitchen.  Basically, we’re running out of room.  The reason is no doubt because I have a love for anything that has to do with cooking and eating.

Like many people, we have two sets of dinnerware – one for everyday and one for special.  They aren’t fancy or expensive, just different sets.

As I was shuffling around the plates and bowls in my overcrowded cabinet today, I realized that I like one set of dishes and the other set was just, well, to use.

All of a sudden I realized how foolish I was being to use dishes that I didn’t care about when I had nice dishes that I really like.  I had the notion a lot of people have that we mustn’t use our “good” dishes for just any meal.  That doesn’t make a lot of sense to me anymore.

We work hard making nice meals for our family, don’t we?  So why choose to serve those meals on anything less than your favorite dishes?  And why crowd our kitchen with extra plates, bowls, cups, and glasses when we have what we need without all the duplicates.

So, I boxed up an entire set of dishes and some odd glassware, along with serving pieces that I have yet to use, and they’re ready for the donation bin.  My cabinet is clean and organized.  It looks nice and feels better now that just one set of dishes is there – the set we like.

Tonight when we sit down to dinner, the table will be set with our nice dishes.  Now, won’t that be pleasant.

What I suggest is that you take a minute and look in your cupboards.  Are there stacks of dishes and other assorted dinnerware and cookware that rarely if ever see the light of day?

p.s. Once you start to organize your kitchen, you may not want to stop… it feels that good!  Find even more Spring Cleaning Tips For Mom and start your cleaning mission today.

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7 Responses to “Too Many Dishes – Tidy Tuesday”

  1. Lisa Says:

    I’ve been paring down my household goods for quite some time. It DOES feel good to use the best of what we have for our own family. It helps to make every day a bit of a special occasion. Plus, I enjoy sharing excess with others who aren’t able to buy things for themselves. I donate to a church ran food and clothing pantry where everything is given away for free.

  2. Joyful Says:

    I totally agree with using your favourite dishes for your every day needs. Why save them up for those all too few “special” occasions. Every day should be special :-)

  3. Living in London Says:

    I actually had to do this a few years ago when we were moved to London. I managed to cut our household goods in half (everything had to fit into a 20 ft container). The real motivation though was that we had to move into a much smaller house. Imagine a kitchen barely the size of a standard American kitchen… That really motivated me. I also don’t miss any of the things I’ve gotten rid of, either. Apparently, they really were surplus, which makes me wonder why I spent money on them in the first place…

  4. Lisa Marie Mary Says:

    My dishes cabinet could really use some cleaning out, for sure! We aren’t the ‘save the nice set’ type – but, hubby did find a set he liked at WalMart and bought them. Yet I still have three left that I’d gotten when I got my first apartment when I was 18 – my mom bought them for me, so they’re special. First apartment – gift from mom = special. But – they’re CUTE as heck, too! They have a cute little house on them and there is no way I’m giving them up. So we do have too many. LOL Then, of course, we still have all of the plastic plates we had from when the kids were little – that I mostly prefer to use myself, because, I’m a big ‘ol klutz! And our other problem is coffee cups – does your coffee cup collection just continue to grow? I don’t know what it is about coffee cups! Man!

  5. Lisa Marie Mary Says:

    Where I said, First apartment – gift from mom ….was a dash, not a subtraction sign. LOL!!

  6. Maria Says:

    I also have done the same thing. I realized that not using your “good” dishes is just foolish. Being surrounded by beauty is a gift that I was taken for granted. As if my family was not entitled to eat out of the “good” dishes?

    Thank you for sharing. What a blessing that you are now donating your other dishes to someone that will be able to use them and enjoy them!



  7. KellieS Says:


    I’m not a keeper of things as some can be so I never seem to get too overly cluttered in the cabinets. In fact, I really need to buy some kitchen gadgets and such.

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