Combat the Winter Cold With Some Warm Comfort Foods

Hot Soup websizeWe’ve had record low temperatures around here over the past week. There was even a good chance of snow Thursday that didn’t pan out (to the dismay of my daughter). Regardless of snow or no snow, this chilly weather has me in the mood for some warm comfort foods.

By far my favorite dish this time of the year is a steaming pot of chicken and dumplings along with some warm homemade biscuits right out of the oven. It’s food to warm your body and soul.

My husband on the other hand prefers a bowl of vegetable and beef soup (homemade as well of course) and a big slice of cornbread. Not bad either, but chicken and dumplings are still my favorite.

Other good winter comfort foods are stews and any type of hardy soup. I like soups in the winter time not only because they are nice and warm, but also because of the extra liquid they provide. I always have a hard time drinking cold water this time of the year and at the same time the heat in the house tends to dry out the air. Eating plenty of soup along with drinking some tea will help combat dehydration while also warming you up from the inside.

How about you? What is your favorite winter comfort food? I’d love to hear what you like to cook this time of the year.


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  1. Betty Hines Says:

    My favorite comfort food for winter is Scalloped Potatoes and Ham with cheese. I love that.
    My daughter makes that every time we have a ham. Of course that isn’t that often because we try to avoid nitrates in foods.

    A nice salad of baby greens, Feta cheese, walnuts, and dried cranberries is very good with it.

    I really do enjoy this web site. I read it every day.


  2. Mae Says:

    My favorite comfort food is a chicken and rice dish I have made often in the winter for 35 years. My husbands favorite is grits and french toast, he likes both as comfort food too much to choose only one!

  3. Tracy Says:

    Our favorite comfort food is a big pot of chicken and homemade noodles, my family expects it anytime there is a snowstorm in the forecast. I cook the chicken on the back of the stove all day with salt, pepper and a touch of garlic powder. Before we’re ready to eat I pull out the chicken (not an easy feat after cooking all day) and throw in my homemade noodles made from my grandmothers recipe and add parsley flakes for color. I pick the chicken and add the meat back to the noodles and serve with cheddar bay biscuits or bread (made by scratch of course). My middle son Riley is my noodle tester, he’ll snag a few noodles after I’ve cut them and taste them to make sure they’re ok to cook. Yeah, he’s a bit goofey.

  4. Hillbilly Housewife Says:

    that sounds very yummy Tracy. Would you mind sharing your noodle recipe?

  5. Hillbilly Housewife Says:

    Betty, I’m so glad you enjoy the site and this blog. I have a great time putting everything together but it’s always nice to hear that people find it useful :)

    Scalloped Potatoes and Ham sounds very yummy. I made the Crockpot Scalloped Potatoes on the main HBHW website a few times around the holidays as a side dish. I still have some leftover ham in the freezer. I should chop it up and make a batch of those potatoes with the ham in it.

  6. Georgene Says:

    I just made a pot of chicken and homemade noodles. Another comfort food is Chicken Tortilla Soup. I hope to make some this week! Breakfast comfort food is biscuit and sausage/hamburger gravy.

    Did I read that you used to cook ‘low carb’? Have you given up that way of eating? Or was that the previous author?

  7. Hillbilly Housewife Says:

    Low carb must have been the previous owner of the site. I’ve tried it, but never written about it here. I lost some weight with it, but could never stick to it in the long run.

  8. Sharon Says:

    I spent yesterday making homemade chicken soup and yeast rolls. I ended up making homemade cinnamon rolls with some of the dough. I think my family liked the rolls best- nice treat on a really cold night!

  9. Amiyrah Says:

    We love this soup that I make called “Lazy mom’s tator soup” along with my recipe for sour cream muffins. It sticks to your ribs and is super easy to make. I also make this soup called mexican corn soup and take it to my grandfather every winter. He loves it and it’s a great way to use up the leftover turkey I chop up and freeze from thanksgiving. I posted both recipes on my blog and my readers have loved them too. I love soups and stews, so winter is a great season for my tummy!

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