Magic Bullet Blender – Product Review

Every once in a while I come across some products that will actually help me out in the kitchen – and not just take up space in my cabinets. I thought I’d share one of those with you today.

I remember sitting in front of the TV, flipping through channels and I kept coming across this Magic Bullet Infomercial. I hate infomercials, but for some reason I kept watching this one. It was just kind of entertaining. But I kept telling myself that there was no way this was going to work the way they made it appear on TV.

Fast forward a few months and my husband surprises me with one of these for my birthday. (He’d noticed me watching the infomercials). The cups with the colorful rings looked pretty fun and I figured they’d be great for the occasional smoothie and maybe some frozen margaritas every now and again.

Fast forward another six months or so and this is the third most used appliance in our house (right after the coffee maker and the microwave). We make smoothies for breakfast and lunch, all kinds of dips, hot and cold soups, even garlic butter in this little machine.

I like the fact that it is small. I don’t have to make a big batch of something, I can make just one smoothie, or make each of us an individual one. It’s also pretty easy to clean. The cups and rim covers can go in the dishwasher. I usually hand wash them though to make them last longer. The base just needs a little wiping down with a damp cloth and the actual blade part cleans pretty easily with hot soapy water as long as you clean it right away. If you let it sit, it’s a pain to clean.

I’ve also let the cups with the rim covers sit overnight and the rims are almost impossible to get off when that happens. I usually end up soaking them for a while in hot water before I can get them to twist off the cup.

I’ve been using my magic bullet for a good six months now. We use it almost daily and when we do get it out we usually fix 3 or 4 things with it (different smoothies or soups for each family member). I’m starting to notice a little wear on the gear looking thing between the base and the blade attachment that screws on each cup. So far it’s still working well, but I can see that wearing out eventually.

Magic Bullet MBR-1701 17-Piece Express Mixing Set

Here are some pictures I took this morning while making a smoothie. I took 1/2 a banana, about 4 frozen strawberries, some yogurt and a splash of milk and blended it up. Yum!

Magic Bullet Smoothie
Blending A Smoothie

Strawberry Banana Smoothie

My daughter’s favorite is banana, peanut butter and milk, while my husband prefers banana, yogurt and a scoop of protein powder.

We also make both hot and cold soup in here. My favorite cold soup is made in here from a handful of cherry tomatoes (or any other tomato cut in chunks or even some canned tomato), a 1/4 of a cucumber, a piece of green pepper, a bit of onion, a dash of vinegar and salt and pepper to taste.

As far as hot soups go, you can make some great cream style soups in here. I take a small piece of leftover meat (chicken or turkey work best), some cooked potato or rice, any type of cooked leftover veggies and a bit of water or broth. I heat it in one of the cups in the microwave and then blend it until smooth.

If this sounds like a good fit for you, you can pick these up at stores like walmart, walgreens and the likes or order it from Amazon using the link below.

Magic Bullet MBR-1701 17-Piece Express Mixing Set

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18 Responses to “Magic Bullet Blender – Product Review”

  1. Patti Says:

    Oh my goodness! It’s funny that I came across this Magic Bullet review just now! I, too, have fallen in love with this little appliance. One, because it’s little so I can leave it on my countertop (my food processor is in a corner and this little critter fits right behind it), and two, because it really does work. I haven’t gotten too complicated with it yet, sticking mainly to a breakfast smoothie for my husband and myself, but plan to get the book out again and give some more things a try. Our breakfast smoothie is pretty simple, just soy milk and a ripe banana. I am going to find something else to use it for today. Thanks for the review and the reminder to get out my Magic Bullet and get busy! :)

  2. Laura Says:

    fyi – A regular mouth canning jar will fit on my blender. I put all my ingredients in the canning car, screw the black base-thing-y on top (you know, the thing that fits on the bottom of a regular blender container), put it on my blender and whirled away. When contents were blended, I screwed the entire base-thing-y off my blender (black ring, seal and blade) so that I could set the canning jar right side up. Then I removed the base-thing-y and could drink right out of my mason jar. We are true hillbillies here so we have no problem drinking out of a mason jar. Plus, the mason jars go right into the dishwasher.

    I tried it with the mason-style glasses with handles that you can buy in stores, but it doesn’t work with those.

    Just an fyi for those who can’t afford to buy a magic bullet.

  3. loveguelph Says:

    We have a no-name magic bullet, from RadioShack, and it works exactly the same. I can say this because my sister in law didn’t think it would so she bought the bullett and we test drove them side by side, exactly the same!! I agree though, this is our favourite appliance. We make salsa and coffee drinks, omlettes, smothies and my personal favourite, blizards! If you go to dairy queen 4 blizzards is going to be about $16, but we can make 4 of them for about $6 depending on what kind of candy we want in them. Of course now that they’re so cheap…my clothes are tighter {;o))

  4. Cynthia Says:

    I love my Magic Bullet! We use it constantly for everything. I couldn’t even name all the uses. I even grind oats into flour since I am allergic to wheat. The most recent use was to puree a bunch of stuff to make food for our tadpoles. I also used it to make all the baby food for both my boys. I wanted to mention that this is one item that it is worth purchasing the warranty on. We had the plastic gear on one base break and on the next one the motor eventually burnt out. We have also had a blade start to leak out the bottom. (We have had ours for a while and use it VERY heavily.) They have replaced everything, no questions asked. We just had to pay a shipping/processing fee; I think it was $4. You don’t even have to send in the broken item. Their customer service is great.

  5. Susan Says:

    I had the exact same thing as a Magic Bullet, called an Amazing Bullet. Burned out the motor and ripped through the rubber gear on one of the blades. I’ve been wanting to replace it but didn’t have them money and wasn’t aware of the warranty when I bought mine. We just went to some garage sales today and I found 2 for $20 with all the attachments and the juicer. Although, I never could understand what use the juicer would be since you cant run the Bullet for more than 60 seconds and you are supposed to let it cool. That was how I burned out my last one. Made about 6 drinks in a row. Only letting it cool as long as it took to fill another cup.
    Now with two bullets, I will be able to switch back and forth between the two and allow them to cool longer between times. What a deal, huh?!!

  6. Mcnerd Says:

    Like a previous poster, I found I could be more frugal by using my existing blender with pint and even half-pint mason jars since the blender base & blades fit them. It’s nice to blend a sauce or dressing right in the storage container.

  7. Living in London Says:

    I prefer an immersion (hand) blender. I’ve used the magic bullet, but I ended up giving it back to my dad, since it just sat there and took up space with all its bits. The immersion blender can go straight into a pot of hot potatoes to mash them, or a pot of hot soup things to cream them, plus I can use it for smoothies and everything else you would put in a blender. Some also have a whip attachment for eggs and cream and things. The bonus is that it is small and fits into a drawer, and I can clean it as fast as you can wash a fork.

  8. aleduus Says:

    Just as the original poster I always watched the infomercials and my husband surprised me with one. We use it all the time. My teens love to make milkshakes with it and since it is not as big as the blender they are not making or drinking as much. I grind up everything in mine. I will grind up a little chicken, onion and egg and add mayo and voila yummy chicken salad. I also take some heavy whipping cream and add a little chocolate syrup and instant chocolate mousse, fattening but delicious. I thought I burned mine out the other day and almost cried.

  9. Jimjam Says:

    I thought that the magic bullet was an amazing product until recently when I spent over 10 minutes trying to seperate the blade from the cup after mixing. The blade is supposed to be able to twist off. I finally got the lid to come off after throwing the cup onto the ground, completely shattering it. I then spent another 20 minutes cleaning smoothie out of my carpets. This product is a piece of junk, that is liable to break at any moment. I recommend not buying one unless you have the money to buy a new one every three months.

  10. Hillbilly Housewife Says:

    Hi Jimjam, I’m so sorry to hear about your bad experience with the magic bullet. Mine is still working fine and is in use at least every other day or so.

    I did have an issue a few times with the blade not separating from the cup as well. In my case it was always when I’d heated something in the microwave, then added the blade and blended the hot soup I was making. I believe the heat created some sort of pressure scenario that kept the blade on there tightly. In each of those cases leaving the cup sitting on the counter for a few minutes to cool off, and a good twist afterward was all it took to get the lid off. (and my soup was still piping hot).

  11. Julianna Says:

    Ok. I have been thinking about getting one of these little gadgets, but never had the gumption to spend the money on it. Now I just came across another infomercial on the new Magic Bullet, but this one is a juicer, blender, food processor and whatever else all in one. It costs about $120.00 and I just do not know. Maybe if someone buys one, they can post if it is really worth it. And does it process food the same as a regular food processor? They made it look really good on the television!

  12. Julianna Says:

    I just found the website. It is called the Bullet Express Meal Machine. Makes any meal in 8 min flat.

  13. Cori Says:

    Hi – I have both the little unit from a couple of years ago & the new meal machine. They are both great…. although I do find the original to be better at blending than chopping. The new meal machine chops veggies uniformly and works pretty well as advertised. I bought mine with a 3 yr ext warranty for an extra $14….really cuts down on meal prep time. The base unit is about the size of a toaster though. We keep it set up for chopping veggies or grating cheese, and only pull out the other attachments when needed. (not difficult to change from one to another either!)

  14. Dana P Says:

    I love the bullet, its much smaller then a larger Blenders.

  15. Liz Says:

    We’ve got a Bullet too and use it all the time. I love being able to take the cups with me on the go and not have to worry about storing anything in the fridge. I can even fit the cups into my cup holder in the car so that I can have my breakfast smoothie on the way to work!

  16. Amy's Magic Bullet Review Says:

    I have had my Magic Bullet for less than one month, and I make a lot of smoothies with it. I was crushing ice cubes for a smoothie when it just stopped working! As far as I can tell, the visible plastic gear on the base is fine, but when you push down on it to turn it on, nothing happens. No movement, no buzzing, not a sign of life. Maybe the motor fried itself, or an internal gear broke and jammed up the mechanism. Not worth the money, and it’s a shame that this is so common.

  17. Hillbilly Housewife Says:

    Thanks for your thoughts, Amy. I haven’t had the same problem with my Magic Bullet. It has stood up to quite a beating. However, I do notice that if I hold the top down and blend too long, I can smell a “hot” or “burning” smell. I immediately release the top and let it cool off. What I’ve found is that it works best to use many short blasts of blending instead of any prolonged blending. Thanks again.

  18. Lea Says:

    Help – what am I doing wrong? I cannot get this machine (Magic Bullet) to crush ice? two blade or four blade it just doesn’t happen. That was the primary reason I bought it. Any advise?

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